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Deals to Meals

Behind the Scenes...

Shandra and Todd are the owners and founders of Deals to Meals and are completely passionate about helping families save money. There are few things in life that make them happier than seeing others share their same excitement for living a frugal lifestyle and becoming self-reliant. They are truly grateful for everyone’s support and love for their company, which started just over six years ago.

As childhood sweethearts, Todd and Shandra eventually married and today treasure the fact that they are able to work from home while running their business together. They have five beautiful children who keep them busy and are the joy of their lives. Todd handles all of the customer service, website development, programming, and affiliate aspects of their company. Shandra is the ‘brains’ behind the grocery deals database, weekly meal planners, tasty recipes, blogging and speaking engagements. They make an amazing team and feel so blessed to be able to help families save money, eat better and find more time doing the things they love.

Family and friends have always been the focus and motivation for the success of Deals to Meals. Shandra started Deals to Meals after she began teaching classes on food storage, helping her friends see how easy it was to save money and live on a budget. Since those beginning classes, she also started emailing friends the best grocery deals for each week, along with items they should add to their food storage. Recipe developing and cooking is how Shandra loves to demonstrate creativity and passion in her life. Mealtime in her home is her family’s favorite part of the day. Recognizing her enthusiasm for great food, friends then started asking for help to plan and prepare their meals. That led to weekly emailing friends her favorite recipes that went along with the weekly grocery sale items. She began sending these emails to just a few people, but within a few short months she was reaching thousands interested in the deals and her recipes. The work these emails took began consuming her life, as well as her family’s life, and she realized it was time to turn this generous pastime into a full time job. After sending these weekly emails for a year for free, it was time to take a leap of faith and turn their company into an online website and business.

Deals to Meals has been growing and thriving for over six years. After offering their service to customers only in Utah, they eventually began offering their service to all 50 states, and now even have members around the world. Their business continues to grow and expand, keeping their family very busy.

Deals to Meals is a family owned business employing Todd, Shandra, her three sisters, a few friends and keeps all of the work close to home. They are not affiliates with any newspaper companies, coupon websites or anyone with an alternative motivation to their business. They don’t pull their information from a large, online database where computers ‘generate’ the best deals. Shandra compares all of the prices HERSELF, from every store each week, to Costco, Walmart and Sam’s Club. They offer the most thorough grocery comparison site on the web. You don’t have to worry about them selling you products you don’t want, or being bombarded by online advertisements.

There is NO risk with a membership to Deals to Meals. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if you do not save more than the monthly $4.95 membership fee. For just over a dollar a week, you will find you save hundreds a month, stock up your food storage and are able to feed your family delicious and healthy meals without a lot of effort.

Want to help Deals to Meals grow? Email Todd for more information on how we will pay YOU to help us spread the word about our company. Thanks for visiting!

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