About Us

Shandra married her childhood sweetheart Todd Madsen who she met and grew up with since she was 6 years old. She is also the mother of five amazing kids. Family has always been Shandra's focus, and making mealtime meaningful has also been very important. Feeding a family of seven has it's challenges but has also helped Her do what she loves most.

Shandra is also the second oldest of four sisters. Each of her sisters are part of the Deals to Meals team and have helped make the company what it is today.

Shandra has always said that FAMILY, MEAL TIME, & FOOD STORAGE are her biggest passions in life! And that is how this whole thing started!

Five years ago She was asked to teach a class on food storage and how to save money at the grocery store. From that class She began emailing some friends with the great deals each week, along with the items they should add to their food storage.

Knowing Her love for food, Friends then started asking for help to know what to make for dinner. Cooking is Her way to show creativity and try delicious new recipes. So, She began taking her favorite recipes and creating weekly meal planners to help people know what to make for dinner based around the best sale items that week. She sent the weekly emails to friends and others and each week dozens and dozens more people were added to the distribution list. In just a few short months the weekly email was reaching over 1,000 people and began consuming She and her familes life. They couldn't keep up with all the questions and comments and realized they needed a website and blog to be able to accomodate the growing interest.

A couple months later they launched their website under the name "My Food Storage Deals" and it just took off. Soon after improvements to the website and blog were made and the name was changed to Deals to Meals.  Shandra feesl very blessed to be able to share her passion of food and preparedness and to be able to meet so many new people and hear your success stories of saving money, eating more healthy, building up food storage, and simplifying the entire grocery shopping and mealtime experience.

For those of you new to food storage or trying to figure out where to begin, Deals to Meals makes it EASY & FUN and helps take the overwhelming feeling OUT of getting your families supply. Our motto is ‘Your year supply, one week at a time”. If you stock up a little each week, you will eventually have every item you need in your own ‘grocery store’ in your basement (or storage).

Living this way is not only economical, but gives you peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing you are preparing your family for whatever is to come. Our hope is that we are able to help families save money, get some food storage, and give them more time to do the things they really love!