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Deals to Meals

How It Works

Are you new to Deals to Meals?  Here is a brief explanation of what a membership to Deals to Meals would offer you.

What is Deals to Meals and what do we offer?

We compare the prices of all of the major grocery stores to Costco and Walmart and tell you where the best deals are. Don't spend hours looking through all of the ads to try and figure out what the best deals are. We do all the work for you — without using coupons! Just focus on the RED deals each week and they will save you anywhere from 30-70% on your groceries!

We make stocking up your food storage, pantry, and freezer a breeze! When an item goes on sale for a GREAT deal (LESS than Costco and Walmart), we tell you. If the sale item is an item that can be added to your food storage or freezer we tell you the shelf life of that item, and how much of each item you need for your family's year supply. We take the guess work out of getting your food storage. Having a well stocked pantry, food storage and freezer will save you hundreds throughout the rest of the year.

We give you a weekly meal planner that is put together based around those BEST sale items each week. Our service is the ONLY service online that offers a weekly meal planner that goes with your local sale prices. Planning your meals based around items on sale can save you $100's a month!

Our weekly grocery list makes shopping for your week's groceries easy and fun. It is broken down by recipe so that you can pick and choose the recipes that will work best for you that week. You can choose the store that has the most deals you are interested to shop at, or you can price match ALL of the deals at a Super Walmart to make one-stop-shopping a breeze!! Visit our blog for great tips on making price matching EASY & FUN!

Each week we give you recipes that can be made solely from your food storage and pantry. This helps you gradually learn how to USE what you are storing and rotate through your long term food storage items. You will be surprised how easy it is to make homemade wheat bread, delicious corn bread, artisan and French bread, homemade stews, soups, desserts, chilis, and MUCH more!

Our recipes ROCK — your families will love us!! I have not met someone yet who doesn't think our recipes are awesome! They are all homemade, made from scratch (just like your grandma used to do it!), healthy, and delicious! Our recipes are family friendly and easy to make. You will not need to spend all day in the kitchen, but it will taste like you did!


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