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The best food storage inventory sheet around! It works like a checkbook—totals on the gray line, and subtractions and additions on the white line. Keep a running total of all the most commonly used foods in your food storage and pantry. This works best when you have your “food storage” in the basement, or in another place, other than your kitchen. Whenever you take food from your “food storage room” and put it in your pantry, you subtract it off your list and assume it will be eaten. This way you will always know how much of each item you have in your supply, and which items you need to stock up on. If there are any items we have left out, that your family uses, write them in on the empty lines.

This sheet also helps you know which foods are part of which food storage categories, and how much you need of each item for a year supply. For example, “Grains” includes more than just wheat and flour, it includes cereal, germade, pancake mixes, rice, instant potatoes, oats, pasta, soup mixes, etc. When we break up the individual categories into foods our family eats, it is much less overwhelming to figure out how we will obtain a year supply. The thought of 300 lbs. of wheat per person/per year is daunting to most, but divide that 300 lbs. into each of those items, then it is much more doable.

Want to save money on your grocery bill each month? Start planning your meals. Here is a great form to use when planning your grocery list and some easy tips to save you money.

Where should you begin? What is the best way to get your families year supply of food? Here are some of the most common questions and answers on how to get started.

When obtaining a year supply of food it is important to have foods that will be able to make complete meals for your family.  Here are a few meals and easy recipes that will help you know which “staple” items to add to your food storage.  In an emergency it won’t help your family to have a few random cans of food.  You will need to be able to turn the food you have in your food storage into meals.  Here are some great ideas to start!

Many people feel obtaining a year supply of food is too overwhelming.  This One Year Supply Guide will help you know how much you need of each food storage item, tell you the shelf life of each item, and give you other good information to help you begin your food storage shopping. 

We have broken down how much of each food storage items you will need.  For example, ‘Grains’ is not just wheat, it is flour, oats, cornmeal, cereal, mixes, pasta, rice etc.  When each food storage category is broken down into smaller groups, it makes it MUCH easier to begin obtaining your year supply of food.  Print this form off and keep as a reference when doing your food storage shopping.

How do you put a 72 hour kit together? What should be in your kit? Click here to get a list of items to be put into your family’s 72 hr. kit.

Find out the best and safest way to store water, filter water, etc.

Here are two personal spending worksheets to help plan and budget your monthly expenses. These worksheets will help you track and figure out your monthly expenditures.  Part of being self reliant is having your families finances in order, as well as having a year supply of food.

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