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Deals to Meals Testimonials

"I moved to Utah from the Midwest, where there were two grocery stores in 35 miles and nowhere to buy in bulk or by the case. I was overwhelmed with the ads that arrived at my home here!

I became a subscriber, building my entire year’s supply in less than a year. You helped me understand what is in season; try new products and brands; avoid impulse shopping; maneuver through the case lot sales and save hundreds of dollars.

Shopping this way is a rewarding adventure! My grown daughters are subscribers now and report their money going much farther.

Thank you for the recipes we will receive now. I cook for two middle aged persons, but your ideas put a fresh look on my standard supplies. I appreciate the food storage recipes the most. They make me feel more self reliant with what I have.

Again, thank you. You are inspired and timely!"
-- Chris

"I again have to just say wow and thank you! I love your company and what you are doing. It is so nice to have all my meals planned out with what is on sale.

I have 5 kids and no time to do this but I like to cook and not buy prepared food or eat out.

So thank you again!"
-- Jacqui

"I have always had an interest and passion for cooking and shopping the deals so I was unsure if (formally would be helpful for me. It didn't take me long to realize that I am completely dependent on the weekly deals and updates you give each week.

The easy to read and accessible deal's sheet allows me to instantly know the great deals of the week without spending time pouring through all five ads. The deal's sheet and the year supply guide have helped me maintain my year supply of food storage without much hassle.

I love keeping my shelves stocked by buying a few items each week when I get low - I save so much money by buying them at the very lowest price. I am proud to say that because of your company I have maintained and cycled through my year supply for two years now.

You have no idea what a blessing that has been to me and my family. It makes cooking so much easier to know that I have a grocery store just down the hall. Also, keep those weekly meals coming I LOVE having new and delicious meals available to me each week. The new recipes keep me interested in cooking and my tummy full!

Thank you so much your time and energy is greatly appreciated! I tell all of my friends about Deals To Meals!"
-- Krista

"I credit this site to not only getting me excited but helping me be less overwhelmed. I didn't realize it has only been a year!

I went from hardly anything to really focusing on stocking up on the good deals. I have found myself financially blessed that on our one income family, I have easily put aside $100/month for food storage. I keep track of everything according to the lbs that are recommended and I have 3 mths of food my family eats all of the time, and 6 mths of the staples like flour, rice, oats, wheat. This is for my family of 5 in a years time!

I am working at it even more now and plan on having my year supply before another year passes. I have definitely noticed that I spend less at the store each time, because I already have it in my storage! That is why I am able to focus more money to continue building my storage.

This site isn't about just collecting food you will never eat. It has taught me that I can get food my family will eat and Shandra helps turn food storage into great meals.

I pass this site on to everyone I can, because I feel so many people feel overwhelmed and just don't know where to start. I want everyone to get as excited about it as I am!"
-- Tiffany

"We really had no clue how to do food storage before a year ago, but we knew we needed to get our years' supply! I couldn't believe my good luck when I stumbled upon your website.

As a working mom, it is important for me to feed my family healthy and economical meals, but planning menus for the week was my least favorite thing to do. Every recipe I have tried from you has been fantastic.

My favorite part about the service you provide is the feeling I get when I get home and look at ALL the groceries I got for such a low price by using your deals and price matching!

Here are some pictures of the food storage we have been able to stock up on in the last year.

Thanks for providing this great service!"
-- Lindsey

"I just got back from Albertsons, spent $149.10 and saved $140.59. Seriously, that was so fun. I am taking my kids (all over 18) with me so they can get excited about all of this.

For the first time I know I have all the ingredients to fix my core recipes. I have tried to do this so many times, but never could get the rhythm of it. This time, I am really getting it done. It is like this huge, unworkable goal, that is bit by bit, really getting done.

My son walked into the food storage room, that finally actually had food in it, and said, “Mom, this is so neat to see all of this food.” My 18 year old came up to me and told me how great it was, “It’s like a grocery aisle with all my favorites, stuff I would really eat.”

Thanks for all your wonderful work."
-- Brook

"I just need to tell you how awesome your service is. My sis & I have told hundreds of people about your program. We have both been involved in teaching food storage classes as well as teaching bottling meats, butter, etc. My husband has jumped on the bandwagon and is thrilled to see out storage room full, all because of our buying nearly all groceries thru your service!!

Once again, you are performing such a wonderful service, don't ever stop!!"
-- Jenee

"I was telling a bunch of friends about your site tonight – do you even know how much money you have saved me? HUNDREDS!! And my food storage shelves are actually filling up while I save!

Thank you!!!"
-- Kristen

"The easy to read and accessible deal's sheet allows me to instantly know the great deals of the week without spending time pouring through all of my local ads. The deal's sheet and the year supply guide have helped me maintain a year's supply of food storage without much hassle."
-- Krista

"Wow! This amazes me!! I can't wait to start stocking up!! I love grocery shopping now. I'm soaking in all the info and printing out my emails each week. I LOVE stuff like this.

Thank you! You have no idea how helpful these ideas are. I have checked out a few books from the library, and have gotten some great ideas, but it's different to get info that really works for someone.

I am feeling much more at ease about a disaster, knowing that I am fairly well equipped.

Thanks again for all the answers to my endless inquiries. You are an angel!!"
-- Susan

"I use cash when I grocery shop and keep it separate from my other money. I had just done Deals to Meals for one year, I had my grocery things out when my husband said, "How much money do you have?". "I don't know", I said. So I counted it only to discover that I had over $1,000! He was surprised that I was carrying that much, and I was surprised that I had that much left over. I couldn't believe that I had saved $1,000 in one year!

Thank you Deals to Meals so much for helping us save!"

"I have recently moved to a new state. With only two weeks notice to move and sell our home we found ourselves with food that we couldn't move and store in a storage unit while we bought a new home. We were able to give it away to family and friends but I was worried that it would take forever to build back up our food storage.

Thanks to the help of Deals to Meals we have a well stocked pantry within two months of being in our new home. We still have a ways to get up to our full year supply but I have no doubt that with the help of Deals to Meals we will be able to do that!!

My favorite thing is when the cashiers ask for my print out so they can use it when they go grocery shopping. I always tell them about the website and encourage them to sign up for the two week trial... but I ensure them that they will want to sign up for good!! It is that much help!!"

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